Interesting article – Academic Discourse and PBL

Key takeaways and key considerations when developing curriculum – “Academic discourse is not something that comes easily to most students; rather, it is something that needs to be taught, modeled and recognized by both teachers and students.”

When thinking about specifically our design project for K-2, I think that modeling will be really important.  The maturity of at this level, will be limited and it might be that the reflection that we have included can grow and adapt with the students as they begin from a general reflection or group to more of a self-directed, self-initiated reflection.  The key will be to get the students to dialogue and verbalize what they are thinking, feeling and understanding and feel comfortable with these self-reflections among their peers.  This will be a growing process and if the teacher develops the understanding of “trust” from the beginning, the ease of transition from teacher directed to student initiated should come easy.  

Writing this curriculum has been somewhat challenging… problem based, project based learning along with this environment is interesting.  I have written curriculum a number of times and felt that I was completely confident in doing this.  I look forward to the next phase.   


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