Mindfulness… Meditation… how does a child learn these skills/practice?

In preparation for creating curriculum for our design project, I have been researching articles and journals that relate to the idea of meditation for children/students.  I want to better understand how a young child really views this act and how it is perceived. 

From this website:  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2010/08/03/meditation-techniques-for-children-how-to-calm-your-kid.html

The value of meditation is getting children familiar with the feeling of being still and quiet, if even for a moment, until it becomes a habit. As Renee told me: “Children don’t need to have a meditation practice. They’re already in that ‘present state’ that we work so hard for. They’re there—they just need to be guided.“

This statement resonates with me because as someone who does not practice meditation, I foresee problems with a teacher who is trying to provide offer this time and understand the value who doesn’t understand the practices themselves. 

I found a few resources that I will delve into deeper to better understand the implications of helping a teacher/adult the hows/whys of meditation:




I am little nervous, not so much about having to write the curriculum, but to actually convey the message – noble paths, etc. 

We will see… planning a visit to the school this week, maybe this will help me really understand the process.




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